The Studio

Forum Music Village, nestled within the historic Church of Sacro Cuore Immacolato di Maria in Rome, is one of the world’s most treasured recording facilities. Since its opening in 1969 by the world-renowned film composer Ennio Morricone, the iconic studio has cultivated some of the most enduringly influential recordings for classical, popular, and film music.


The studio’s modern audio facilities combined with its unrivaled collection of vintage analog equipment continue to provide a cherished sonic edge and all-around unique creative experience for countless producers, composers and orchestras of international acclaim. From the century-old echo chamber to the consoles’ direct access to the church pipe organ, Forum’s unique amenities allow artists to capture nuanced, organic, sonic textures with the ease and precision of modern recording technology.    

Freelancer Essentials

The facility houses four interconnected studios to accommodate a range of recording needs: two studios featuring live room and control booth, a mixing suite with large isolation booth, and an additional production studio with vocal booth. The expansive footprint and rich warmth of Studio A’s live room, coupled with its control room’s 60-channel Neve VR Legend console and ample outboard rack gear offer infinite possibilities to record anything from solo vocals to entire orchestras. Modular acoustical treatments allow the live room to be customized for many different ensemble configurations, while the elevated sound stage enables live in-studio performances and rehearsals.  The Mixing Suite provides the perfect counterpoint to Studio A: featuring a 56-channel SSL 4000E (with automation and total recall), a Quested VS2108 5.1 channel surround system, Genelec 1032 stereo pair and extensive outboard equipment, facilitating top-quality mixes for everything from film soundtracks to pop music.  The attached isolation booth enables controlled tracking and re-amping, while connections to Studio A’s live room create the option to seamlessly capture large ensembles with the pristine sonic clarity of the SSL.  Studio B includes a live room with focused, warm acoustics perfect for small ensembles, solo vocals, piano, drums and more, connected to a ProTools HD and UREI mains in the control booth.  Studio C is a more compact, efficient production studio perfect for recording vocals, composing, arranging, and editing audio. 

Freelancer Essentials

Complementary to the versatile recording spaces, Forum maintains a vast selection of vintage and contemporary microphones, preamps, EQs, tape machines, and outboard gear, as well as premium acoustic and electronic instruments. The studio’s abundant facilities, combined with its location in one of the most fashionable and sought-after neighborhoods in all of Rome, offers a unique balance between the classic and the modern - perfect for all range of creatives; from producers, engineers, and composers to mainstream and emerging artists alike.