Our housing program eschews the typical dorm-style experience, instead offering culturally immersive apartment-style living reflective of the local Roman experience.  

All students opting for FMA housing are provided with fully furnished apartments in well-established, safe neighborhoods with convenient access to the academic facility.  Units are single-sex and generally accommodate four to six students.  Telephone and Wi-Fi internet access are provided in every unit, along with a fully equipped kitchen, furnished living room and full bathrooms. Standard-tier housing offers shared rooms, with apartment cleanings twice per week. The premium-tier housing package includes private, single bedrooms with bathroom, additional apartment cleanings, premium kitchen and living room amenities, gym memberships, and more.

At all times, a team of dedicated staff are readily available for assistance. All students are provided access to a 24/7 telephone help line and a mobile smartphone app for any emergencies. For normal maintenance and support requests, an online ticketing system is available via the student housing portal.

Our housing partner - Your Place in Rome - works with many U.S. academic institutions and has provided housing and related services to students studying abroad in Rome for over 10 years. For further information on their services, please click here to visit the YPR website.

Students can participate in field trips and extracurricular activities in and around Rome. All field trips are optional for students and additional costs apply. These trips are academic, not solely touristic, in nature. Potential destinations include the Adriatic Coast and Marche, Pompeii, the Amalfi Coast, Tuscany, Venice and more.