Core Curriculum

Students must apply for one of three available concentrations: Audio Engineering, Music Production, and Film Scoring. Based on the applicant’s entrance assessment, prior experience, and discussions with their academic counselor, students are placed in a beginner, intermediate, or advanced track within their chosen area of study. Students must enroll in, or test out of, the courses outlined in the chart below to satisfy their concentration’s core requirements. The figure below outlines the full core curriculum for each concentration. 

Blog Article Figure


In addition to the courses that make up the Academy’s core curriculum, students may choose from a diverse variety of electives made available according to the student’s academic track. Advanced placement allows enrollment in all concentration electives and/or qualified electives in other concentrations. General electives are available to all concentrations and all tracks. Certain offerings may not be available depending on the course enrollment and instructor availability for the specific term. 

Italian Language Requirement (3 credits)

All students are required to take an Italian language course for graded credit. Students are placed into an appropriate course level based on the results of the Italian language placement exam taken at the beginning of the semester.